Inspiring Youth to Unlock Their Entrepreneurial Gifts

Every child has the capacity to change the world. All they need is the opportunity.

Revenue-generating businesses launched by our youth since 2016
Business profits earned by our youth during their launch phases
Business profits donated to 70 organizations addressing social issues
Cash awards and college scholarships earned by our youth

CEOs of Tomorrow offers programming and products that teach and nurture social entrepreneurship, inspiring youth to transform the world through business solutions that help people, environments, and communities in need.

Grades 4-8

Where youth entrepreneurs are created.

High School

Entrepreneurship for Teenagers

imPACTful Creations

Business Kits for Kids

Empowering youth social entrepreneurship

We teach social entrepreneurship, or the act of creating a business that solves a social problem or benefits society. Social entrepreneurship education transforms youth into critical thinkers and enthusiastic dreamers, empowering them with the tools they need to shape and influence the world around them.

As a result of this work, we are proud to have won a 2021 Force for Positive Change award. The statewide competition recognized social entrepreneurship as a model for solving social or environmental challenges in a way that is sustainable, just and generates impactful change in Wisconsin.

Our youth entrepreneurship programs and products

Entrepreneurship programs for teens

Grades 9-12

Together, our teen programs teach social entrepreneurship, financial wellness, and college and career-readiness. Teens build skills related to the entrepreneurial process and global entrepreneurship, business and business development, and design and product, transforming into critical thinkers who dream big.

Bring our teen programming to your school or organization! Contact us for more information.

Summer business camp for kids

Grades 4-8

Kids will open their own business in just one week! Limited enrollees mean campers receive personalized attention as they launch and run their first revenue-generating business using our business kits for kids.

Bring our business camp for kids to your school or organization! Contact us for more information.

Business kits for kids

Ages 8-14

Encourage the aspiring “kidpreneur” in your life! Our imPACTful Creations kits contain everything they’ll need to create and launch their own revenue-generating business for social good from home.

Teachers: bring imPACTful Creations to the classroom! Click here to order a special kit designed for groups up to thirty kids.

College and career-readiness

Through hands-on, interactive, vibrant curriculum grounded in the real world, we inspire higher academic engagement and achievement while nurturing skills necessary for college and career success. By successfully completing our programs, teens can also earn high school and college credit, plus digital learning badges, which can elevate their college essays, scholarship applications, and resumes.

Madison College Prior Learning Credits earned by our youth since 2016
Sun Prairie Area School District Credits earned by our youth since 2022
Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) high school credits earned by our youth since 2016
Digital badges earned by our youth since 2016; these are housed in Madison College’s Digital Credentials Institute

Financial Wellness

We teach money management fundamentals that set up youth for long-term success. They learn to make smart money decisions, practicing earning, budgeting, saving, and spending wisely. Through our programs, youth also start to build income, earning more than they might at an entry-level summer or after-school job.

Business profits earned by our youth during their launch phases
Cash awards and college scholarships earned by our youth
Program alumni that have savings accounts at a financial institution

How to get involved

For parents and guardians

Enroll your child or teen in one of our youth entrepreneurship programs and watch them flourish and grow.

For educators and youth leaders

Prepare students for high school, college, and career by teaching the entrepreneurial mindset.

For businesses

Make a difference in the lives of youth within your community by sponsoring an intern.

For donors

Help youth harness their ideas and passions within business that benefit their communities.

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