These Teens Mean Busine$$ Incubator

A business incubator for 9th-12th graders

During this 9-week youth business incubator program, teens test business ideas to earn revenue and promote positive change in their community. They also learn and practice business development, finance, and marketing concepts. During the culminating Teen Pitch & Launch Event, each aspiring entrepreneur pitches their business to a panel of experts and sells their products and services to real customers.

  • Design a revenue-generating business that solves an important problem in your community.
  • Create a brand for your business and learn about logistics, marketing, and pitching.
  • Meet and learn from local entrepreneurs.
  • Strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • Improve your confidence and self-responsibility.
  • Meet new friends and have fun.
  • Earn the chance to win $1,000, $500, or $250 and college scholarships at the Teen Pitch & Launch Event.
Incubator Program

Upcoming session

These Teens Mean Busine$$ Incubator – Fall 2024

Dates: Saturdays, October 5th – December 14, 2024
Times: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Cost: $160 | Partial Scholarships available

Program scholarships available

We provide need-based scholarships, awarding amounts based on household income and special financial circumstances. Call 608-298-6949 for more information and to request a scholarship application.

Meet past Pitch & Launch Event winners

Project Pitch It Nabil

A World of Bamboo: Nabil, Grade 11 – 2019 1st place winner

Social Issue: Water Pollution

Nabil created A World of Bamboo to address the negative impact of plastic straws on marine life and oceans. Each box contained six bamboo straws for $5. Nabil’s customers learned that even small efforts can prevent water pollution, and that saving the ocean from plastic requires a new generation of straws.

See Nabil on Project Pitch It!

See Nabil on The TODAY Show!

Project Pitch It Denali

Exhale: Denali, Grade 9 – 2019 1st Place Winner

Social Issue: Mental Illness

Through her business, Yellow Flower, Denali wanted to address the impact of stress and anxiety on health and well-being. Her customized Exhale Boxes were packed with toys that relieve nervous energy and anxiety, plus “Communication” and “Coping” cards. They came in individual and classroom sizes and sold for $17 and $28 respectively. Denali donated two large Exhale Boxes to the Boys & Girls Club.

See Denali on Project Pitch It!

Inclusion In Color: Naaliyah, Age 15 – Spring 2023 1st place winner

Social Issue: Body Image

Who doesn’t love pampering themselves with lotions and creams? But you can’t always trust the ingredients to truly benefit your body. Inclusion in Color by Naaliyah is a skin/self-care kit business that you can truly feel good about as the ingredients are all-natural and the products are handmade. Naaliyah also believes it feels good to give back, so 15% of her profits went to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The Healing Project: Ves, Age 14 – Spring 2023 2nd place winner

Social Issue: Managing School Stress

The past few years have been very tough on everyone’s well-being and mental health, particularly for young people during school. Through her business, The Healing Project, Ves wants her customers to know it’s time to exhale and let the healing begin. Her customized journal kits and charmed bracelet are designed to help you process your thoughts, relax, and remember to breathe.

Evi Tupta: Evi, Age 15 – Spring 2023 3rd place winner

Social Issue: Teen Mental Health

Woof! People’s mental health has certainly taken a beating these past few years. Puppy Love by Evi is a set of customized greeting cards designed to lift people up and help improve their mental health-using adorable hand drawn images of dogs! Better yet, 20% of her profits were donated to the Dane County Humane Society.

Chiaro Di Luna: Pluto, Grade 9 – Fall 2022 1st place winner

Social Issue: Mental Health

Realizing that teen mental health is an all-too-common occurrence in our country, Pluto chose business products that provided personal therapy when made. She designed unique bleached t-shirts and handmade earrings. A portion of the proceeds (25%) went to eLuma, offering online therapy option for youth.

Mari Bouquet: Marisol, Grade 9 – Fall 2022 3rd place winner

Social Issue: Mental Health

Flowers have a way of putting us in a good mood, but they wither away too quickly. Mari came to the rescue with her beautifully handmade ribbon roses, each in a different color representing friendship, love, or gratitude. A portion of her proceeds (10%) were donated to Olbrich Botanical Garden, an outdoor botanical garden in Madison.

Perezoso Love: Julia, Grade 9 – Fall 2022 2nd place winner

Social Issue: Affordable Healthcare

Julia was committed to raising awareness for kids in the healthcare. Her activity kit came in a cloth backpack and was filled with items to keep a child engaged, including to activity books, a glow in the dark dinosaur blanket, and fidget toys. Julia donated a portion of her products to the American Family Children’s Hospital to be enjoyed by children who are hospitalized.

Starshine: Deziray, Grade 8 – Fall 2022 People’s Choice award winner

Social Issue: Anxiety

Putting feelings to paper is one of the best ways Dezi felt her customers could work through anxiety, loss, and isolation. Her customized bound and hardcover journals included a pen, elastic closure, and page ribbon marker. Each notebook sold with a handmade fidget ring to help focus and calm nerves when one is feeling anxious.

Destroying Teen Obesity: Elijah, Grade 11 – Fall 2021 1st place winner

Social Issue: Teen Health

Aiming to promote active and healthy bodies while also raising awareness on teen obesity, Elijah created Destroying Teen Obesity. Basketball is a wonderful sport and a great way to get people moving while having fun, so his basketball kit includes an official size Spalding Super Tack Pro Basketball, a 24 oz. flip-top water bottle, and a customized drawstring bag featuring the phrase “Destroying Teen Obesity.”  Also included are instructional cards that explain how to play unique variations of basketball. His basketball kit is sold for $30 and addresses his issue each time a customer uses it.

Serenity: Sohini, Grade 8 – Fall 2021 2nd place winner

Social Issue: Teen Mental Health

Serenity was created to bring awareness to teen mental health through Sohini’s products, while providing a space for teens to use her products as a solution. Her journaling kit includes a customized journal, pen, and journaling prompts to allow her customers to put thoughts to paper to work through emotions. It also includes a high-quality tote bag with encouraging words to remind her customers to breathe. The journaling kit was sold for $28.50, and 20% of the profits were donated to Family Ties.

Happy Minds: Sidney, Grade 8 – Fall 2021 3rd place winner

Social Issue: Mental Health

Sidney was inspired to create Happy Minds to raise awareness of mental health among 12-18 years old and address how much the pandemic has especially contributed to the decline in mental health. Together, her product includes an embroided beanie hat featuring the words “Happy Minds” with the affirmation: “I am strong in my mind, body, and spirit.” The kit also contains a handmade inspirational, lava stone bracelet featuring encouraging word charms, and a stress ball with encouraging words like ‘faith’ ‘hope’ ‘believe’ and ‘peace.’  Her product bundle was sold for $25, and 15% of her profits were donated to Briarpatch.

Guns Down, Hearts Up: Amari, Grade 9 – Fall 2021 People’s Choice Award Winner

Social Issue: Gun Violence

Bothered by the growing rise of gun violence, Amari created Guns Down, Hearts Up. His product bundle includes a short-sleeve customized T-shirt with the message, “I don’t think there should be more gun control. I think there should be more education,” a 20-ounce customized tumbler, and a pen stating, “An unarmed society is a polite society.’’ Through his product, he aims to spread the word and promote peace and education to prevent this issue. His product is sold for $38 with 10% of his profits going to WaveedFund.

Noelia - Bloom

Bloom: Noelia, Grade 12 – Spring 2021 1st place winner

Social Issue: Mental Health

Bloom’s goal is to destigmatize mental health and start much-needed conversations. Noelia created a kit with a custom journal, pen, stickers, and a choice of two t-shirts with custom-designed messages promoting mental health. Each kit sold for $25, and 10% of profits were donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Ashley - Ashley's Arts and Crafts

Ashley’s Arts and Crafts: Ashley, Grade 8 – Spring 2021 2nd place winner

Social Issue: Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

Ashley created her product based on the fact that practicing cursive and calligraphy can help people with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Each $17 kit from Ashley’s Arts & Crafts contained a calligraphy book, markers, fountain pen, ink tubes, and a notebook.


KJ’s Crafts: Kahli, Grade 10 – Spring 2021 3rd place winner

Social Issue: Racism

As someone who has personally experienced racism, Kahliana turned to coloring as a way to cope with her feelings. Wanting other people to have a creative outlet, as well as a healthy way to cope with the problems in their lives, she created her coloring kit. Each came with a book of 15 of Kahliana’s drawings, which featured positive messages, a set of coloring pencils, customized stickers and sold for $12.00. 10% of Kahliana’s profits went to Trying Together to support anti-racism.


Flaky Salt: Aidan, Grade 8 – Spring 2021 People’s Choice Winner

LGBTQ+ Teens Support

Flaky Salt was created by Aidan Yang to share his love of cooking with people of all ages. His meal kit sold for $25.00 and included premium ingredients and a detailed recipe card to make Gnocchi With Butter Sage Sauce, a recipe developed personally by Aidan. Aidan donated 15% of his profits to GSAFE, whose mission is to create just schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin.

Alleanah - Inspiration to Health

Inspiration to Health: Alleanah, Grade 8 – Fall 2020 1st place winner

Social Issue: Obesity

Wanting to promote healthier lifestyles and address the impact of obesity on an individual’s health, Inspirations to Health was created. Alleanah sold her Health Box, which included a resistance band, a stress ball, and a water bottle to stay hydrated for just $12! Each box also included YouTube links to popular exercise videos to promote fitness. Alleanah donated 10% of her profits to the Wisconsin Obesity Prevention Initiative’s Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Ashley - Ashley's Arts and Crafts

Ashley’s Arts and Crafts: Ashley, Grade 8 – Fall 2020 2nd place winner

Social Issue: Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

Ashley created her product based on the fact that practicing cursive and calligraphy can help people with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Each $17 kit from Ashley’s Arts & Crafts contained a calligraphy book, markers, fountain pen, ink tubes, and a notebook.

Daisy - Coeus

Coeus: Daisy, Grade 11 – Fall 2020 3rd place winner

Social Issue: Lack of Education

Daisy created Coeus to remind us of the impact of lack of education on children around the world. Her sparkling gold charm bracelets sold for $12 and her silver charm bracelets sold for $7. Each included an owl charm to symbolize education. Fifteen percent of her profits were donated to Save the Children, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children through better education.

Aaron The balm Life

The Balm Life: Aaron, Grade 11 – Fall 2020 People’s Choice Award Winner

Social Issue: Mental Health

The Balm Life provides all-natural skincare balms infused with essential oils known for their healing benefits. They were designed to promote the wellbeing of Aaron’s clients and can help with stress, sleeplessness, tension, congestion, and muscle soreness.

Kahlan Lending a Helping Paw

Lending a Helping Paw: Kahlan, Grade 9 – Fall 2018 1st place winner

Social Issue: Animal Abuse

Lending a Helping Paw was designed to provide fun and meaningful gifts to animals and animal lovers alike, while also helping animals in need. For $5 or $8, Kahlan’s gift bags included animal-themed toys, snacks, and other goodies. For every gift bag sold, 25% of profits were donated to Shelter From the Storm, a Madison-based cat and dog rescue focused on alleviating overcrowding and reducing euthanasia in shelters.

Tierra Brown Crown

Brown Crown: Tierra, Grade 10 – Spring 2018 1st place winner

Social Issue: Colorism

Brown Crown was created to bring awareness to colorism, or the discrimination against darker skin tones. Tierra sold customized women’s t-shirts with the message “My Beauty Comes in All Shades” on the front to remind customers that they are simply beautiful, no matter the color of their skin.

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