Youth leaders: bring financial wellness education to your organization’s teens

Why financial wellness education matters to youth

As the use of credit cards, student loans, and even mortgages become commonplace, financial literacy is more important than ever. As a whole, however, most youth are unprepared to tackle a complex financial future; nearly three-quarters of teens report they don’t feel confident in their personal financial knowledge.

For many youth of color, institutional racial barriers have inhibited access to financial literacy education and banking resources, which contributes to our nation’s racial wealth gap. This makes tackling this is even more critical to address.

Youth Financial Wellness Education: Our aim is to promote financial responsibility and wellness for all youth, particularly those who are underserved and lack access to the education, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed financially.

Gain the help of our Teen Money Mentors

Youth financial wellness is a cornerstone at CEOs of Tomorrow, woven throughout our programming. We teach our youth to make smart money decisions, practicing earning, budgeting, saving, and spending wisely (youth in select programs can even earn a Financial Wellness digital badge!). Now — we’re thrilled to bring financial education to youth at your organization via a peer-to-peer mentoring program.

Teen Money Mentor - CEOS of Tomorrow

Peer-to-peer mentoring

Our Teen Money Mentors have been trained by the experts at CEOs of Tomorrow and Summit Credit Union to be financially savvy. What better way for your teens to become money-wise than to learn directly from their peers?

Engaging & creative lessons

Our Teen Money Mentors develop creative and engaging lessons, games, and activities to share their financial knowledge with teens at your organization. Topics include banking, budgeting, fraud protection, and even reading a pay stub.

Community-wide impact

Your organization’s youth learn critical financial wellness lessons that they can share with family members and friends. At the same time, our Teen Money Mentors get the opportunity to practice leadership skills and make a city-wide impact.

First session is FREE

Your organization will receive the first mentorship session for free (in this instance, CEOs of Tomorrow will be compensating our teen mentors). After that, each session is just $25.

This peer-to-peer mentoring program is available over the summer, for roughly 5 hours/week. Click the button above to fill out preliminary information, and we’ll be in touch to discuss details.

Gain the help of our Teen Money Mentors










Other ways to incorporate financial wellness into your programming

Together with the finance experts at Summit Credit Union, we’ve created a guide that helps out-of-school-time youth service professionals incorporate financial education into their programming. The aim is to provide the tools, resources, and references needed to teach youth aged 14-24 how to access safe, affordable financial services, and is intended especially for those who are underserved and lack access to banking resources.

Financial Wellness Programs

Banking 101

Understanding the types of financial institutions, choosing the best options, and keeping accounts secure.

Money Matters

Budgeting earnings for saving and spending, plus the basics of credit.

Financial Ambassador

Sharing knowledge of banking and money management with the community.

A resource guide for your organizations

Learn how to bring financial wellness education to your organization’s youth and create all-around financial literacy with the support of CEOs of Tomorrow and Summit Credit Union.

This PDF is password protected. Please use the information below to access the guide:
Username: SummitFinEd
Password: M0ney$mart

Youth Financial Wellness

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