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We offered customized, hand-on entrepreneurship programs to 4th – 12th graders at your schools or youth organizations that guide your students in opening a revenue-generating business at your site.

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imPACTful Creations

Fun Business Kits for Youth Groups

Customized Entrepreneurial Programs are designed for children ages 8-12 and contain everything a youth leader needs to teach their students how to launch their own business for social good. Teachers and youth leaders can order a special imPACTful Creations kit designed for groups of up to thirty students.

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When you introduce students to entrepreneurship, they learn more than the fundamentals of production, marketing, and sales. When they dive into the world of business, students practice critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. They grow their confidence, self-responsibility, and resiliency. And they experience an enormous sense of pride when they see what they can accomplish.

It’s My Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a Better Community

Entrepreneurship curriculum guide

Teach the next generation that it is possible to change the world with It’s My Business: Inspiring Students’ Ideas for a Better Community by CEOs of Tomorrow founder and CEO, Roxie Hentz, PhD. Community and business collide in this comprehensive curriculum guide that provides educators and youth leaders with detailed lessons, interactive activities, and group projects that introduce youth to social entrepreneurship, which uses business techniques to solve social problems. Social entrepreneurship gives kids and teens the opportunity to identify issues they care about, and shows them how to make a profound difference in their own communities.

This is an advanced and integrated curriculum resource aligned to rigorous academic and business standards and designed with a commitment to providing social entrepreneurship educational lessons that are research and standards-based. Standards and learning skills aligned to lessons within this resource include the following:
Business Administration Curriculum Standards
English Language Arts Anchor Standards and Mathematical Practices
21st Century Learning Skills

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FPO Financial Wellness

Bring financial wellness to your out-of-school time program!

Summit Credit Union

Together with Summit Credit Union, CEOs of Tomorrow created a guide that helps youth leaders incorporate financial education into their programming. Our aim is to promote financial wellness for youth aged 14-24, particularly those who are underserved and lack access to banking resources.

Encourage young entrepreneurs

Give a tax-deductible full or partial scholarship to allow a deserving teen to participate in one of our These Teens Mean Busine$$ programs.

Encourage Young Entrepreneurs

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We’ll customize our business camps based on your needs, interests, and timeline. Get in touch to learn more.

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