These Teens Mean Busine$$ Internship

An entrepreneurial internship for high school students during the summer!

Participants must have completed our Academy, Incubator, OR Innovation program. During this entrepreneurial internship, teens spend up to 144 hours during the summer working alongside local entrepreneurs and gaining invaluable career experience. Participants also complete 25 hours of in-class coursework focused on employability skills, including resume writing, job interviewing, email and phone communication, presentation skills, and self-evaluation and reflection.

A 4-week summer business course for grades 9-12

Teens learn foundational business concepts, earn college credits, and make international friends in this youth entrepreneurship program. Over four weeks, teens virtually connect with high schoolers abroad, exploring business principles like management, finance, and marketing. The course concludes with intercultural groups working together to design and pitch presentations that highlight global issues and entrepreneurial ways to address them.
  • Meet and learn from local entrepreneurs.
  • Earn two Madison College Prior Learning Credits (valued at $135/credit) and one Madison Metropolitan School District high school credit at no cost.
  • Begin to build your professional network.
  • Strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills.
  • Earn a CEOs of Tomorrow Financial Wellness and Employability digital badge.
  • Earn up to $1,500 for your internship work.

Upcoming session

These Teens Mean Busine$$ Summer Internship – Summer 2022

Internships are for 144 hours and can take place between June 13, 2022 and August 26, 2022. This means you must be available to intern for 15-24 hours per week, mostly during traditional business days and hours.

Meet our past interns

Looking for a summer intern or help with a project?

All teens participating in the These Teens Mean Busine$$ Internship Program have entrepreneurial experience through one or more of our These Teens Mean Busine$$ programs.

Beyond entrepreneurial experience, our aspiring teen entrepreneurs bring with them a high level of professionalism, collaboration and teamwork, and creativity and imagination, as well as great ambition, novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and an entrepreneurial mindset. They are eager to apply and extend their learning and ready to get down to business!

Encourage young entrepreneurs

Give a tax-deductible full or partial scholarship to allow a deserving teen to participate in one of our These Teens Mean Busine$$ programs.

Bring our youth entrepreneurship programs to your school or organization

We can offer customized These Teens Mean Busine$$ programming to community organizations and schools looking to launch youth-run businesses within their facilities. Get in touch to learn more.

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